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When it comes to transitioning from your old South Auckland home to a new one, Ashik Homes offers a convenient and hassle-free solution by providing the option to trade in or sell your current house to us.

With our expertise in real estate development and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to streamline the process of swapping or selling your home, so you can take the next steps in your property journey.

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    Trade My South Auckland House

    If you choose to trade in your current South Auckland home with Ashik Homes, you can enjoy several benefits.

    It eliminates the need for multiple transactions, saving you time, effort, and energy. Instead of going through the process of selling your current home and then searching for a new one, we simplify the process by offering a seamless transition. By trading in, you can effortlessly transition to purchasing one of our new properties. This way, you’ll avoid the complexities of coordinating timelines, dealing with multiple buyers, and managing overlapping mortgages.

    There are also financial benefits to swapping in your South Auckland home with Ashik Homes. After we purchase your old land and property, you’ll only have to pay the difference on the price of one of our new houses. This saves you a significant amount of money in both the short and long-term, while making it easier to obtain any necessary finance you need to cover the difference.

    It’s important to note that Ashik Homes currently only swaps homes that are on large enough blocks of land for our developers to work with. If you want to know whether or not your property is eligible, we would be more than happy to send over one of our experienced valuators to you. They will determine whether or not your land is big enough, while valuing the current price of your property.

    Sell My South Auckland House

    If you would prefer to sell your South Auckland home rather than trading it in, Ashik Homes also provides competitive prices for eligible properties. We are actively seeking properties to add to our development portfolio, and are interested in purchasing homes in the following South Auckland areas:

    • Papatoetoe
    • Papakura
    • Manukau
    • Otahuhu
    • Manurewa
    • Mangere
    • And beyond!

    By selling your home to Ashik Homes, you can avoid the complexities of the open market. You won’t have to navigate the hassles of marketing your property, negotiating with buyers, or dealing with a range of unknown factors. Our process is simple, streamlined, and hassle-free.

    Our commitment to transparency and fair dealings ensures that you receive a competitive offer for your old home. Our dedicated team will guide you through the selling process, providing you with the necessary support and expertise to make informed decisions.

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    Trading in or selling your old South Auckland home to Ashik Homes offers a convenient and efficient solution for homeowners looking to upgrade to one of our new properties or explore other opportunities on the market.

    Whether you choose to trade in your old home or sell it outright, we are committed to providing a seamless transition, fair valuations, and exceptional customer service. Trust Ashik Homes to simplify your homeownership journey and help you step into a new chapter of comfortable and fulfilling living.

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